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Lincoln Room

Location: Third Floor
Bed: Queen
Rate: $65 + tax

Abraham Lincoln in Mercer County
In 1832, Abraham Lincoln was one of 2,000 volunteers who marched from Yellow Banks to Fort Armstrong in Rock Island during the Blackhawk War. During the march, Lincoln and the others crossed Mercer County between what is now the towns of Aledo and Joy. Arriving in Rock Island, the volunteers burned the indian village and camped in what is now the parking lot of the former Showcase Cinemas in Milan. Lincoln served 90 days in the militia but saw no fighting.

Lincoln returned to Mercer County in 1834 to survey the town of New Boston. Lincoln plotted the original 16 blocks along the river as repayment to one of the owners of the land who had paid another debt that Lincoln owed. Later, it is rumored that Lincoln spoke in New Boston in 1858 during his campaign for the Senate.

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